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About Us

Vanel Exim s.r.l. Bacau provides architectural, engineering and consulting services, in the field of building design, as well as Urban and County Regional Planning.

The company’s staff is member of the Romanian Institute of Architects (O.A.R.), the Romanian Union of Architects and the Romanian Register of Urban Planners.

Over the last 28 years, Vanel Exim has developed and commissioned design projects for major investments in Bacau City, as well as in Bacau County and in many other places in Romania. Among major projects, we can include the Bacau Orthodox Cathedral, George Bacovia University in Bacau, Bacau Courthouse, Arena Mall Shopping Center, Bacau Railway Station Rehabilitation and many major residential projects.

Significant Urban Planning projects include Bacau County Regional Planning Project (P.A.T.J.), Bacau City Center Redevelopment Project and peripheral zoning and development of Bacau city.

Our company is currently undergoing the largest project in its portfolio up to date, the National Cathedral of Romania in Bucharest, the largest project of this type in the South-East European Region, which structure has been completed at the end of 2018.

Over the years, our Office has received many diplomas and awards and has been nominated to prize-winning positions in Top Firms Category (Chamber of Commerce).

To date, our office has collaborated and worked on behalf of investors and companies from Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Israel, on design and construction of various residential and commercial projects. It is our goal to further extend our activities and collaborate with other EU and US companies.